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LiveJournal Cheap Trick Fans

The first and only Cheap Trick community!
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Do you love Cheap Trick? You're in the right place! The purpose of this community is to have a place here on LiveJournal where you can discuss news, rumors or info, post pics or videos, or anything else Trick-related that you can think of!

Please try to keep the posts on topic. That means that whatever you post must be Trick-related. Anything non-Trick related will be deleted.

Wanna affiliate? Email me at panda_cookie@livejournal.com.

the_pretenders: for fans of The Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde.
blondie_rapture: for fans of the band Blondie.
misspameladolls: for fans of former groupie and author Pamela Des Barres.

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